Blood Gas Analysis for Dog Emergencies, What Is It?

Dec. 10, 2022

When some dogs have sudden emergencies or suffer from chronic diseases such as diabetes, renal insufficiency, asthma, long-term infections, or even late pregnancy, the ionic balance of the body is easily disrupted for some reason, resulting in acidosis or alkalosis. At this time, doctors often recommend their owners to do a test called blood gas analysis.


What does a blood gas analysis do?

In clinical practice, blood gas analysis is an important tool mainly used to monitor the PH value in the body and the regulatory function of various ion balances.

For both humans and dogs, various enzymes, hormones, electrolytes, etc. in the body can only perform their normal physiological functions when the internal environment is stable. The corresponding metabolic activities must also be carried out in the appropriate acidity and alkalinity of the body fluids.

When the dog is sick, due to the impact of the corresponding metabolic function, it will lead to the body's electrolyte disorders, and acid-base balance is disrupted. This will further affect the normal physiological functions of other tissues and organs in the body. Over time, it may cause further deterioration of the disease.

Blood Gas Analyzer

Blood Gas Analyzer

Therefore, timely detection and correct treatment of these acid-base disorders often become the key to the success or failure of disease treatment.

Through blood gas analysis, doctors can accurately understand the respiratory and metabolic functions of sick dogs and objectively evaluate their oxygenation, ventilation and acid-base balance. It can also reflect the functional status of their lungs, kidneys, and some other internal organs, and is the main indicator for monitoring changes in the condition of emergency animals. For the diagnosis of critical illness, treatment and prognosis of the judgment have an important role.


How to interpret blood gas analysis data?

Blood pH is generally slightly alkaline, with a pH range of 7.35 to 7.45. The acid-base balance of the blood is precisely controlled, as even small deviations from the normal range can have serious effects on many organs.

What doctors refer to as acidosis is usually too much acid (or too little base) in the blood, causing a decrease in blood pH, while alkalosis is too much base (or too little acid) in the blood, causing a rise in blood pH.

In general, acidosis is more likely to occur clinically (usually related to metabolism, such as diabetes), while alkalosis is less likely to occur (usually related to respiration, such as asthma).

Electrolyte and Blood Gas Analyzer

Electrolyte and Blood Gas Analyzer

However, it is important to note that acidosis and alkalosis are not a disease, but an imbalance of acid-base balance caused by a variety of disorders, which can be understood as a symptom. However, long-term acidosis or alkalosis can also put pressure on internal organs, such as long-term acidosis may lead to kidney failure.

Therefore, while correcting it by means of infusion, etc., active treatment of the primary disease is also required, and neither should be left behind.


Special conditions

In addition, stress factors such as panic, excitement, and strenuous exercise and struggle can easily affect certain laboratory results. For blood gas, the main indicator that is affected is blood glucose.

The results of the tests often vary with the development of the disease and during the treatment with medication.

For animals that are particularly sensitive, have complex conditions, or have been treated with other medications, the doctor may need to combine clinical signs and symptoms with regular monitoring several times, or with some other tests, in order to issue a more definitive diagnosis.


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