Veterinary Blood Analyzer

Basic Introduction of Veterinary Blood Analyzer

Veterinary Blood Analyzer is a highly integrated, intelligent and fast automatic biochemical analyzer for simultaneous analysis of single sample and multiple indicators.

Method of use: Veterinary Blood Analyzer produced by Tianjin Nuomai Technology Co., Ltd. The kit is used together to perform quantitative determination of clinical biochemical items on samples.

Scope of application: It is suitable for biochemical analysis of lithium heparin anticoagulated whole blood, lithium heparin anticoagulated plasma or serum in veterinary medicine.

Operator requirements: doctors and medical practitioners with clinical inspection skills and knowledge, customers need to go through the operation training of the company or dealers before use.

Features of Veterinary Blood Analyzer

1. Small size, easy to carry and move: the size is 17*26*35cm, and the weight is 4.5kg. Lightweight and portable, it does not take up space.

2.Easy to operate: Pre-filled with diluent and lyophilized reagent beads, you can get results in just 3 steps: add sample to disc, insert disc, read result. Easy to operate and easy to master.

3. Accurate and fast results: The built-in intelligent real-time quality control (IQC) system monitors the entire process to ensure disc performance and response stability. Results are available in 12 minutes.

4. Extensive test menu: In addition to blood analysis, biochemical, electrolyte and blood gas tests are also included, providing up to 22 results in a single run, and 8 panels providing a total of 34 parameters.

5. Only a small amount of sample is needed: only 90-120μL (about 3 drops) of whole blood, serum or plasma.

6. Simple maintenance: high-quality parts are used, and there are no consumable parts inside. The xenon lamp as a light source has a service life of decades and lower maintenance costs.

Animal species detected by Veterinary Blood Analyzer:

Dog; cat; horse;

Dairy Cow; Beef Cattle; Sheep; Pig;

Birds; Grinding Tooth; Carassius Auratus;

Hedgehog; Rabbit; Ferret;

Trachenys Scripta; Corn Snake; Reptile.

Precautions of Veterinary Blood Analyzer

1. The anticoagulant used in the analyzer sample must be lithium heparin.

2. The whole blood sample must be mixed with plasma and blood cells evenly before adding the sample. During the mixing process, the blood collection tube must be slowly turned upside down for 5-7 times. Do not shake violently to avoid hemolysis.

3. Whole blood samples must be tested within 60 minutes of collection, otherwise they should be prepared into plasma or serum. To prevent hemolysis, whole blood samples should not be shaken vigorously or placed in a refrigerator.

4. Plasma or serum samples prepared after centrifugation should be kept at room temperature for a maximum of 5 hours, please test in time. If it is not possible to detect in time, the separated plasma and serum samples should be aliquoted, stored at 2–8°C (36–46°F) in an airtight environment away from light, and tested within 24 hours.

5. Store frozen at -20°C for a maximum of 5 weeks, and do not freeze and thaw repeatedly. If these constraints are not met, the analyte concentration may change and the test results are inaccurate international clinical significance.

6. Because the reference range of most clinical biochemical indicators is derived from fasting healthy animals, in order to prevent eating interference, blood should be collected after at least 12 hours of fasting for some items.


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