Focusing on MEDICA 2023, LOCMEDT made a stunning appearance !

Nov. 17, 2023

Date | 13-16 Nov ,2023

Venue | Dusseldorf Exhibition Centre

Booth No. | HALL3,3K92-6

The 55th International Hospital and Medical Equipment Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany (MEDICA 2023) ended on November 16th.

At this exhibition, LOCMEDT made a stunning appearance with a variety of independently developed products.

Let's review the grand scene of the exhibition together

Busy flow of people and lively negotiations

Plus new product launches embellished with stars

Gained wide recognition from customers and exhibition guests


Demonstrate strength, choose with confidence

During the exhibition, orders were signed continuously on site

Popularity testifies to brand strength

The exhibition ended perfectly, and the excitement continues

In the future, LOCMEDT will not forget its original intention and forge ahead.

Actively look for new turning points and new opportunities

Follow the trend and respond to the times

Looking forward to seeing you next time!

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