Noahcali-100 Veterinary Blood Gas Chemistry Analyzer

Noahcali-100 is a veterinary full-automatic biochemistry analyzer, suited for research laboratories, veterinary clinics, biotech and pharmaceutical companies. It is compact and easy to operate. It covers the analysis of biochemistry, blood gas and  electrolyte all in one, testing up to totally 34 parameters results in 8-12 minutes. 

The highly sophisticated intelligent Quality Control System(IQC) monitors the entire process in real time to ensures optical disc performance and reaction stability. Only need 3 drops of blood, it can deliver fast and accurate results.

Features of Noahcali-100 Veterinary Chemistry Analyzer

Fast & reliable test results-within in 12 minutes

Built-in printer,centrifuge, fully automatic design.

Pre-installed diluent, lyophilized reagents, only need adding sample

Micro size sample need: 90-120ul sample volume

Extensive Test Menu: including biochemistry, blood gas & electrolyte analysis

Little maintaince

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