Noahcali-100 Clinical Dry Chemistry Analyzer

Based on micro-fluidic Technology and with an automatic design, Noahcali-100 clinical dry chemistry analyzer offers accurate results with a single sample in 12 minutes, providing clinical benefits for veterinary patients. 

Easy to use, portable size, cost-effective, fast and accurate results, all in one device, It is very suitable for vet Clinics, animal Hospitals and laboratories veterinarians, Farms, and Zoos. 

Features of Noahcali-100 Clinical Dry Chemistry Analyzer

Easy to Carry

Small size 17*26*35cm, weight only 4.5kg

Simple Operation

Automatic design, 3 steps to get the results

Noahcali-100 Clinical Dry Chemistry Analyzer

Results in Minutes

Built-in printer, results are printed directly in 8-12 minutes

Reliable Results

Built-in real-time IQC system, monitoring testing process to ensure the users get accurate results.

Whole Blood Sampling

Built-in centrifuge, whole blood can be tested

Cost Effective

Little maintenance, no consumable accessories inside.

How to Use Noahcali-100 Clinical Dry Chemistry Analyzer


Add 100μL Sample

Add 100μL Sample


Insert the Disc

Insert the Disc


Read the Results

Read the Results

Noahcali-100 Clinical Dry Chemistry Analyzer

LOCMEDT Veterinary Biochemistry Analyzer

Basic Information of Noahcali-100 Clinical Dry Chemistry Analyzer

Sample TypeWhole Blood, Plasma, Serum
Sample Size100µl
Time to Results8-12 minutes
User Interface7 inch capactive colour touchscreen
Power RequirementAC110-240V, 50-60Hz
ParametersUp to 22 parameters on one rotor, 34 parameter on 8 different panels
Reagent DiscSingle Use Reagent with 18 month shelflife
CalibrationAutomaticself-calibration by scanning QR Code on the center of panel
Quality ControlBuilt-in Realtime Quality Control(IQC)system
Connection InterfacesWLAN, USB, Ethernetinterface, RS232 Serial Interface
Print ModeBuilt-in thermal printer
Data CapacityMore than 500,000 sets of data

Application of Noahcali-100 Clinical Dry Chemistry Analyzer

Animal Hospital

Animal Hospital



Horse Ranch

Horse Ranch

Research Laboratories

Research Laboratories


  • Q1: What kind of tests does the Noahcali-100 veterinary chemistry analyzer can do?

    Noahcali-100 can do the vet blood biochemistry, blood gas,electrolyte analysis.So the users do not need separate instrument for electrolytes or blood gas.

    Q2: How many kinds of panels can be used in Noahcali-100 Animal blood test analyzer?

    Noahcali-100 blood test analyzer only accept LOCMEDT reagent panels, see details at Disposable Reagent Disc.

    Q3: Does Noahcali-100 vet use chemistry analyzer require calibration?

    No, the Noahcali-100 analyzer reagent panels are factory-calibrated. The calibration information encoded in the QR code on the center of the rotor. When inserting the rotor, the analyzer can read it automatically.

    Q4: What maintenance does Noahcali-100 blood test analyzer require?

    High quality parts used, no consumable accessories inside.The xenon lamps as light source with decades of lifespan. It only needs some cleaning, see details in operator’s manual.

    Q5: What types of samples can be used with Noahcali-100 Clinical Chemistry Analyzer?

    The sample should be lithium-heparin whole blood, lithium-heparin plasma, or serum. Do not use EDTA as an anti-coagulant.

  • Q6: What is the Noahcali-100 Veterinary Biochemistry Analyzer sample volume required?

    Usually 90-120μL for a test(about 3 drops), but for Critical Care Panel 13 only accept 120μL plasma.

    Q7: What is the shelf life of the Noahcali-100 Biochemistry analyzer reagent discs?

    The shelf life of the disc can be 18 months and the discs should be stored refrigerated at 2-8°C

    Q8: Can expired disc be used in the Noahcali-100 Vet Blood Chemistry Analyzer?

    No, the analyzer will cancel the run and display an Error Code message.

    Q9: Does the disc require warm-up time before using?

    No, the users can use the disc directly from the refrigerator

    Q10: How long can the Noahcali-100 biochemistry analyzer reagent disc be used after removing from the foil pouch?

    After opening the pouch, the discs should be used in 20 minutes.

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